A centuries long history, that of Pantelleria, a land of achievements and landing point of travellers peoples.

During the history the island was frequented by thePhoenicians and Carthaginians who named it Irannim, that is ostriches, probably because the Sixths were big hemispheric monuments made to take care of the dead and they were compared to the big birds eggs. The Romans called it later Cossura.

Flagellated for centuries by lootings, it was colonized by Sicilian Muslims peasants of Berber origin. They introduced the cultivation of uva zibibbo and citrusis. In 1098 the Arabs were expelled from Sicily and from Pantelleria and any new people who came gave it a different name.

So the old “Irannim” was called Gusiras dby opposite Africans and Bent el Rhia (daughter of the wind) by the Arabs. Thus became Pantelaream, Pantellaria and, finally,Pantelleria.

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