Gloria & Sauro

We simply are your neighbours!

We are Gloria and Sauro, we love nature and poetry that comes from it. Since we have fallen in love with the magic of an holiday in Pantelleria we usually spend about 4 or 5 months a year in the island.

It was the view of south-west coast of Sataria, with a black lava stone, rich of coloured vegetation and also the sea of an unique blue colour to let us decide to stay here. Forever.

Here the life goes on peacefully, too much money is not necessary, consumerism and dissatisfaction don’t exist here, the diet is simple and natural, nothing is polluted. Living then in a dammuso is the finishing of the island’s charm.

We want to share with you, our guest, the same emotions that we lived and we are still living here in this wonderful Island: the black Mediterranean pearl. Pantelleria.

Gloria loves good and healthy cooking, natures but above all she loves this island and can give to you precious advices on the many amenities Pantelleria has to offer.

Sauro loves Gloria’s cooking, has a romantic and poetical spirit but, most of all, he knows how to enjoy life. He is fond of Pantelleria and he will tell you the many ways in which you could experience it’s pleasures.

Like you we have our holidays in one of the houses of our zone and you can visit us there when you want, if you need or for pleasure.

Enjoy a special holiday