Sogno d’amore

Located right above the sea it enjoys with a view of the sea and sunset wonderful and priceless.

Dammuso fit for 2 or 4 persons

New and elegant dammuso composed by 2 double bedrooms with 2 bathrooms, a living room and a kitchen with a wonderful sea view through a wide glass window.

It can be rented in two different ways: 4 people can rent it all or it can be divided into two separated spaces each one conceived to be a perfect lodging place for two people.  All this can be easily done because the dammuso can be divided into two opposite units, each one with its own separated access located just opposite side the other one, so that the people living on one side may never meet or disturb the people living on the oher one. The first unit, simply named as part A, is composed by a double bedroom with its own bathroom and antibath. Just outside the bedroom a nice and pratical kitchen has been set, housed under two characteristic  stone arcs placed in a wonderful balcony where it can be enjoyed an astonishing view of the sea. The second unit, part B, is bigger. It’s composed by a double bedroom with bathroom, antibath, living room and kitchen; outside a wonderful balcony with a view of the sea, well equipped to eat and relax.

Large areas are available around the dammuso.

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A new, wonderful, well furnished villa offers its guests complete privacy.

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