Le Volte

It is a feather in the whole propriety.

Exclusive Dammuso with pool for 6/8/10 people

Dammuso belongs to an exclusive category, of all the houses, it has the most secluded position and its privacy is total. Wonderful villa made of stone, it has an impressive size and it is furnished by an elegant ethnic style.

Only visitors can use the private pool 14 x 7 metres.

Inside the room with the round bed is very particular it overlooks the Arabian garden where a nice outdoor fence will inspire your closest moments. The other two double rooms have the blue colour of the sea and the brown colour of the land i protected by drape and baldachin. One of the two rooms has a bath inside, the other is opposite.

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The wide living room has even a relaxation bedroom with pillows, armchairs for the reading and television. The functional kitchen is to the service of the inner living room and it is connected with the external lunch area.
The outward veranda has a cooking and a barbecue to make grills. Relax patio for sea view: there are also armchairs, big pillows, big shells and an hammock. The house is provided with heating.
To the six fixed beds another double room, that is near the pool, can be added, it has its own service and it is even provided with a nice and hot ethnic style. Ten beds can be added making use of the Red dammuso, that is near the Le Volte dammuso.

Enjoy a special holiday